Lutron PD-FSQN Caseta Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control


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  • Application: The Caseta Wireless fan control can be controlled directly and remotely when paired with Pico remote controls providing a system that delivers convenience and ease of installation
  • Compatibility: Caseta Wireless fan control use Lutron patented Clear Connect RF Technology which enables wireless communication with Pico remote controls and the Lutron Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO
  • Range: The Caseta Wireless in-wall switches, dimmers, and fan controls must be located within 60 ft (18 m) line-of-sight or 30 ft (9 m) through walls, of Pico remote controls and Lutron Smart Bridge devices
  • Adjust Fan Speed: Adjusts fan speed, and turns fan on and off (does not control lights)
  • Favorite Button: You can save fan speed preference with the center Favorite button

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